Are War Plans Being Prepared to Counter “Russia’s Response to Terror”?

Remember how a year before 9/11 the Project for a New American Century put out a major report on Foreign Policy? The same types of people seem to be doing the same thing…again.

I’m posting this perspective on Russia’s response to terror in the Middle East and within its own borders (see below), but will warn you that it appears to be propaganda and the accuracy of this report cannot be verified since they only use “mainstream sources” friendly to Western views. It is really starting to look like Russia is one of the next targets of the Western Leaders. The “American Security Project” (ASP) published the report on their website, and it’s proposing that Russia, as a declining nation, has had more involvement in the promotion of Terror Groups than earlier thought. Of course, it smells heavily of propaganda, especially since Russia has become a great obstacle to Western Interests involving the defeat of the Al Assad regime in Syria.

Once again, we see an elusion to the possibility of coming civil unrest (another color revolution?):

It is a misconception that the Russian public is unaware of human rights violations and that institutional corruption, business inefficiency, underdevelopment are the core reasons for the gap between the rich and poor.
And their final conclusion in pointing at terrorism links with Russia (exactly what we were told before the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya):
The U.S. can afford to exercise strategic patience toward Russia, while building up defenses to hybrid warfare,committing to allies and upholding basic liberal democratic values. An important check-in point will be the upcoming 2018 presidential election in Russia. Most anticipate that the process will not be fair or free, but it will be interesting to see who the opposition puts forward and to what extent they are capable of mobilizing. In the meantime, the U.S. would do well to devote more energy into researching Russia’s connection to Islamic terrorism. If conclusive links between the Kremlin and ISIS can be made, the U.S. gains much in diplomatic leverage, especially among European states wary of hard-lining.


And with that I present the following Report from the ASP:

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