Hillary Clinton, McCarthyism, and FBI Director James Comey: “Have you no sense of decency?”

Everybody throws around the phrase “McCarthyism” without knowing anything about what the term means or how this pernicious political virus was stopped. Barney Frank, for example, perhaps the sleaziest politician in American history, accused Bernie Sanders of McCarthyism a few months ago.

McCarthyism, of course, refers to Senator Joe McCarthy’s witch-hunt campaign to root out phantom communists from American government in the early 1950s. Everyone was terrified of him, Even President Eisenhower, shrank from rebuking McCarthy for his reckless behavior, which was nothing less than political terrorism.

But McCarthyism and Joe McCarthy himself did not last long after one man stood up to “Tail-gunner Joe,” McCarthy’s pejorative nickname.  Here’s what  happened.

Read full article by Richard Fossey at: Condemned to Debt….

By Richard Fossey

Richard Fossey is a professor at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana. He received his law degree from the University of Texas and his doctorate from Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is editor of Catholic Southwest, A Journal of History and Culture.
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