Spanish Police Devolve into Violence Against Peaceful Catalonia Voters

Spanish Police Brutalize ElderlyShocking images of police brutality are being plastered all over social media today, as Spanish Police forces are shown physically violating and assaulting peaceful Catalonia voters and protesters.

Catalans are basically voting for a referendum that determines whether Catalonia will secede from the Spanish government. It’s been their quest and fight since the 18th century when Philip V of Spain captured Barcelona. In 1932, Catalonia was recognized by Spain as an independent republic. But all their gains in independence was short lived when Francisco Franco came into power in Spain in 1939. Under Franco’s direction the Catalan people were stripped of their independence, repressed, were forbidden to speak their Catalan Language, and systematically abused through mass detention and executions. All Catalans were affected by Franco’s persecution.

As we watch the police brutality step up, it is very understandable why the Catalan people continue to struggle for their independence. However, being that Catalonia is the most powerful and wealthy area in Spain, it is doubtful that the Central Government of Spain will let go of this region. It could potentially cause another Eurozone financial meltdown.

The Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, has stated the referendum is “illegal” and the vote “won’t happen”. Obviously, this is about the Will of the People versus the Will of the “Elites”. Much is at stake here.

Firefighters step in to assist Catalan people:

This is very disturbing: Elderly being beaten by Spanish Police. Don’t forget, this is being sanctioned by the Spanish Government and “Elites”:

Totally uncalled for. Disgusting:

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