More on Trump-Gate: How Deep is the Deep State

Video Interview of Retired CIA Analyst, Ray McGovern, and John Wells of Ark of Midnight will clear up much of what is going on. The stakes are getting higher and no matter how one feels about President Trump, none of this is good for our nation. We see it in the increasing volatility of the stock markets, in the agitation of the citizens, and in the ways this compromising our democracy. The Mainstream Media is almost 100% backing the anti-Trump allegations that he somehow breached security by sharing classified information with Russia. Of course, we only have the “un-named sources” and “anonymous sources” that are supplying the information.

In fact, the People of the United States have not been given much of anything on the details or what “proof” is out there.

Another recommended article, by Rolling Stone writer, Matt Taibi, is also a must-read and further discusses the ongoing crisis in our nation:

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