We Came, We Saw, She Lost – Hillary Loses White House Bid

Now GO AWAY Hillary and Leave us alone!

I have to admit, I thought Hillary Clinton would easily win the election. I made the mistake of listening to the “Mainstream Media”, which I’m always telling everyone else NOT to do. The entire establishment was behind Clinton, including the majority of the Mainstream Media. It’s amazing that all that money directed into the Hillary Clinton Campaign was still not enough to avoid the people’s contempt and distrust that has multiplied several times over since 9/11/2001.

The moral of the story? You really CAN’T keep kicking the can or the truth down the road. The future always arrives and with it the inevitable Accountability.

The amazing thing about this election season was the fact that the harder the establishment tried to cover up the unsavory facts about Hillary Clinton, the more transparent those facts became. I truly hope that Hillary Clinton and her husband will finally leave America alone. She needs to shut up and be thankful she didn’t end up in prison, like anyone else would have for breaching United States security.

Hillary’s loss does not mean we can relax and everything will be fine. We have a lot of work to do to mend this nation if we want to restore our Constitution which has been substantially crippled these last 15 years.

And lest anyone forget, here are 8 reasons Hillary Clinton lost the election:

1. For using a personal Server, located in a closet at her home, while head of the State Department.
2. Her influence in destroying Libya, including spreading the lies about a “humanitarian crisis” which did not exist in Libya before we attacked.
3. Her support of the illegal wars and invasions started by the Bush Administration.
4. Her unresponsiveness in sending aid to Benghazi to assist our people who were sending out SOS pleas for help.
5. Calling millions and millions of Trump supporters “deplorables” and connecting them all as racists, homo-phobics, and sexists.
6. Using the Clinton Foundation as a means to sell favors.
7. Her willingness to “use nukes” against several regions in the Middle East, including Iran.
8. Her more distant past behaviors, such as her defense of an accused rapist of a child.

Finally, she showed the world her full blown sickness when she laughed on ABC News over the death of Libya’s Gaddafi (who was brutally raped and murdered). This video, alone, should wake up any thinking and decent person:

Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi’s brutal murder: “We came, we saw, he died” (CBS has blocked embedding the original clip so in this video it starts at 6 seconds in)

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I’m not a Trump fan, and nobody can know at this point how he will work out in the White House, but I think this article gets to the heart of the situation on how we still have mounds of work to do. I hope we can build a better future for our children.