Federal Law Imposes 13th Amendment Violation Against Student Loan Debtors

Most Americans are not aware of the fact that a simple law gives the federal government complete lifetime control over each and every American who consumes any form of educational debt. That law is United States Code 20 Section 1091a. It removes all statue of limitations from federally guaranteed student loan debts. That law violates the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution because it establishes the foundation for the creation and sustaining of a force labor class aka “slave class” of citizens known as the student loan debtors.

A combination of other laws, including our nation’s bankruptcy laws, work to ensure that not only is the debt largely inescapable, that in over 50% of all cases it will establish a lifetime indenturement of forced labor benefiting private profiteers as well as the federal government for the unsuspecting student loan debtor.

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