The Student Debt Sentence: The British Election

Editor’s Note: Students navigating the British system are finding Student Loan debt and University Education oppressive, just like their U.S. counterparts. The system is working against our youth and needs to stop. The Governments need to stop printing money out of nothing to fund Student Debt, and then turn around and charge them interest and lifelong indebtedness to the Government.

The reform to higher education in England, which among other things tripled annual university tuition fees, sparked mass protests in 2010. In the lead up to the general election on May 7, only 0.3 percent of the policy debates dealt with the contentious issue of higher education.

VICE News follows students who feel let down by those in power and are once again taking to the streets and occupying their campuses. They are taking direct action against the new loan-backed fees system, which they fear is a ticking debt bomb, and their universities being turned into profit-driven corporations, rather than places to expand the mind.

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